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Questions We Are Frequently Asked

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"Why are your orders shipped with extra packaging?"

"What do you mean by softcover?"

"It's the expected delivery date, where's my order.?"

"I no longer see such and such. Is it still available?"

"Do you really give 10% to charity?"

"I don't want the whole magazine. Can you email the coupon, article, or photo on page X for me? I'll pay you $x.xx"

"Are you an American Company?"

"I will give you $x.xx for this book? Is it a deal?"

"I'm trying to purchase 2 copies, but your website won't let me. How come?"

"Do you sell our personal information? "

"I purchased "X" magazine subscription. How come I didn't get it?"

"Do you offer a guaranteed delivery date?"

"Do you offer a discount?"

"Are your magazines reproductions?"

"Attached is an article I wrote about such & such. Please consider it for publication."

"Do you gift wrap?"

"How do you select your monthly nonprofit charity?"

"Are you open 24 hours 7 days a week?"

"Where did you get your name?"

"Do you ship internationally?"

"When I order a magazine are you sending me just the cover?"

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